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If your brand isn’t consistent, then it isn’t recognizable to your customers. A steady branding message will read clearly. 


A consistent brand will result in clients scrolling through their social media and immediately recognizing a post that has been made by your company’s account, even without looking at the username. When they’re visiting your website, they never forget exactly where they are and what your business does. These consistencies also build trust. They know your business because it has proven consistent over time. This familiarity makes them more comfortable making a purchase. 


If you’re new to this concept, it may sound overwhelming. If you have a watchful eye for detail and are willing to put some work in, you can achieve brand consistency with the following few steps. 


Start With Your Workplace Culture


Your brand should be part of the culture of your business. Your employees should know the company’s mission well and be ready to represent it. Brand consistency won’t happen without your employees, and they won’t understand it until you train them on all the ins and outs of what makes your company unique. 


When your employees first come on, make sure the branding is part of their training. They should be clear on what the company’s values are. Why do customers buy your company’s products or services? 


Another helpful step is to give your employees their own branded items, like t-shirts and coffee mugs, to help build up the company culture. 


Be Clear On What Content Fits Your Branding


Every successful business today is on social media. The pressure to put out content at a rapid rate is enormous. Avoid falling into the trap of pushing out more and more content, especially if it’s irrelevant, or you don’t have time to review it carefully. 


Set clear guidelines on what social media content fits your brand. Ideally, you should have a strategy adjusted to be right for your audience on each platform. At the end of every month, review what you posted. What worked well, and what didn’t? Did everything align with your brand? Consider visuals, tone of voice, and overall what the content is delivering to your customers. 


Work With Influencers Who Highlight The Right Elements


When you’re working with an influencer, they’ll be bringing their own brand into your partnership. This combination can make your branding stand out, as long as it’s handled well. 


Ensure that you understand the values and brand of the influencers you work with and then check that they align well with your company message. 


Review Your Brand Regularly


Sometimes, your brand will evolve. Other times, your branding may take a misstep as projects are rushed out. Perform quarterly reviews to make sure your branding is staying consistent across everything your business does. If it isn’t, ask whether that inconsistency has been a mistake or whether your brand needs to shift.


Brand consistency builds awareness and trust with your customers. People are more likely to purchase from a company they recognize, so make sure all your content and social media posts are consistent with your brand and values. Coherent messaging will keep people engaged, leading them to buy products again and again.