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Businesses have always benefited from taking a holistic approach. When every department pursues its own ends without collaboration, resources are wasted and the company lacks a unity of purpose. You need everybody to pull together towards a common goal, and the best way to do this is by encouraging all departments to work together.


This interdepartamental cohesion is especially important in the digital age. Public relations and marketing, once separate considerations, are often intertwined when dealing with web-based platforms. In order to make your digital presence most efficient, your PR and marketing teams should be consistently coordinating their actions. Affiliate marketing, in particular, can go hand-in-hand with traditional public relations projects, despite what some PR purists may say. Here are four ways that public relations and affiliate marketing can work together.

Deal With Different Contacts

While PR firms and affiliate marketers might pitch the same publications or organizations, they’ll likely have different contacts within the organization. This is important, since it keeps a single person at the organization from feeling overwhelmed with solicitations. When both PR folks and marketers are involved, your business will thoroughly seek positive relationships without being inefficient, bothersome, or redundant.

Encourage Positive Results Through Multifaceted Approach

While marketers often target an organization’s commerce team, the public relations folks usually focus on the publication team. When these two components of the organization come together, they’ll both have experienced contact with your business. This multifaceted approach makes it more likely that your business’s entreaties will have made an impression.

Cover General Brand Awareness And Direct Conversion

PR professionals and affiliate marketers are both pushing a company’s image, but they have different final goals. The PR people seek to boost the brand’s profile in general terms, while the markets seek direct conversions. By working together, they can meet in the middle to craft a continuum of consistent messaging.

Encourage An Atmosphere Of Alliance

When PR teams and affiliate marketers work independently, they often develop a competitive mindset. They each see the other as opponents, encroaching on their territory and stepping on their toes. When they work together, however, they recognize their role as partners sharing a similar trajectory and a common goal. This can only improve outcomes for the company.