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Everyone reaches a point at which they need to leave a job, and how you leave your job can affect your own future. For instance, the way you depart from a job can influence how easily you can find a new position with a different company. Here are a few tips for leaving on the best possible terms.

Talk to Your Manager First

When you decide it’s time for you to quit your job, you may feel too excited to keep the news to yourself. As tempting as it is, you should keep that news to yourself until you talk to your manager. It will help you leave the company on better terms. Additionally, your manager may make you a counter offer that convinces you to stay. In that case, you may not want to discuss the situation with your colleagues.

Don’t Slack on Your Duties

It’s easy to view your last two weeks on the job as a period of light duty in which you pass off your work to everyone else on the team. This is a bad because it will earn you a poorer reputation. First and last impressions are the most memorable. In particular, the behavior you exhibit during your last two weeks can affect how you will be remembered.

Give Proper Notice

Traditionally, two weeks is an acceptable amount of notice, but that may not always be the best option. If it’s a smaller company and you know it will be challenging to fill your position, you may want to provide a little more notice. In some situations, your employer may want to hasten your departure. For instance, if you’re leaving to work for a competitor, they may not want you to stick around at all. You’ll have to judge the situation for yourself to determine how much notice is appropriate.

It should go without saying that quitting a job doesn’t give you the freedom to let loose on your boss and co-workers. While it may not seem as though you’ll never see those individuals again, you may end up returning to the same organization, or you may end up working for a former colleague. When you depart your job, it’s best to be cordial and polite to ensure you’ll be remembered in a more positive light.