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The onboarding interview is a standard protocol among most companies; however, exit interviews don’t show up as often. In fact, a lot of employers fail to see the value in questioning a soon-to-be-former employee on their way out. Here are just a few reasons why exit interviews are worth implementing and how your company stands to benefit from them.

To Protect the Company’s Reputation

People will always take note of how their employer treated them, and if they recall a poor experience, you can expect them to spread the word to anyone who will listen. Taking the time to converse with them on their way out gives you the opportunity to both thank them for their services and leave them with a positive final impression. Though the gesture may seem small, it can completely turn the tables in your favor and eliminate the possibility of bad mouthing.

To Collect Valuable Feedback

When running a business, a lot of things can go unnoticed. There might be harassment amongst peers, managers who fail to carry their weight, and procedures that could use a bit of tuning up. And sadly, for fear of job loss or upsetting superiors, a lot of people might choose to keep these things to themselves. However, when someone has already announced their departure, there isn’t much to lose on their end, so they are often pretty generous when providing feedback. You can then use your findings for further investigation and to help you implement better policies.

To Reduce Turnover Rates

When someone resigns, they leave behind a position that needs to be filled. And as all employers know, the hiring process can be both frustrating and costly. With that said, it is best to keep turnover rates as low as possible, and the information collected during exit interviews can help you do so. As you heed all relevant advice, your pre-existing and oncoming employees will feel more compelled to stay on board.

Remember to keep the tone positive when conducting an exit interview. You never want to seem upset with anyone for moving on nor is it fair to guilt trip them for their decision. Use this important moment as a farewell token and a chance to transform your business for the better.